The parents association meet with both school principals  every three months or so. At these meetings the  parents association bring up any questions we have received from parents in the school that may concern or be of interest to other parents.  If you wish to contact the parents association, you can do so here.

The following questions were raised and addressed at our Autumn meeting: 


School Milk Scheme

The school milk scheme was discontinued in both schools due to very few children taking part last year and both schools had a lot of milk left over which went off very quickly.

New Junior School Crest

The reason the school crest was updated is because when the signs were being made for the new building, the printer could not read the old crest as it was unclear and unavailable on PDF format. So the school refreshed and updated the crest for this purpose. When the uniform suppliers saw the new crest they also asked for it as they do had problems reading the old format.

Some parents raised concerns about having to buy new uniforms with the newer crests. Mr Boyle felt no parent should feel under pressure to buy a new crested uniform and both crests are acceptable uniform attire.

School Paths at Iona and Community Centres

A note came home from the Junior School last month, requesting that parents and children do not use the steps coming from the school to the community centre car park area as they are for teachers use only. The reason for this request is that the steps were not designed for use by children and they can get very slippery when wet.

A new path has been created beside the Iona Centre for those who park in the community centre car park when dropping and collecting at the school and parents and children are asked to please use this path and enter the school grounds through the main gates.


New Path at Community Centre