asiam-logoWe are hosting the exhibition in association with Tallaght Parents Autism Support Group (TPASG) and with the kind support of the Department of Justice and Equality.  The Exhibition is an interactive, self-guided experience which will help you gain a better understanding of Autism and “step into the shoes” of someone with the condition. It’s free to visit and can take anything from 40 to 60 minutes to get around.

Why is this important or why would you bother?

Good question! If you don’t have Autism you might wonder why you would need to know anything about it but 1 in 65 young people are diagnosed with Autism in Ireland.

Think about that…

  • How many people do you go to school with?
  • How many people do you work with?
  • How many people do you play sport or do some activity with?
  • How many friends do you have on Facebook?

I think we can agree we all know a lot more than 65 people! As a result we all know someone with Autism! Autism is an invisible condition and many people choose not to disclose or discuss it with other people but still face challenges such as being misunderstood or excluded on a day to day basis. Many people with Autism go to the same schools as everyone else, live in the same community and have the same hopes and dreams – we constantly adapt to a world which isn’t really built for us but we really need society to meet us half way!

autism1People with Autism think differently. We experience our senses differently. We communicate differently. 

These realities present challenges and strengths to those with the condition – it is a part of who the person is and how they think. However often, because people don’t understand why a person behaves in a certain way, those with Autism are simply seen as “strange”, “odd” or “weird”.

We really want to change this. We want young people with Autism in Ireland to have the same opportunities as everyone else but the only way we can do this is if we have young people behind us. Young people are always the generation which changes attitudes and we need your help!

Come down to the exhibition and learn and experience:

  • What its like to process your surroundings differently
  • What is like to not be able to communicate in the same way as other people
  • Why people with Autism find it hard to read social situations
  • The strengths and abilities of people with Autism

And lots more!

Then help us change attitudes in your community and become a friend, supporter or advocate to Autistic people living in your community!