Seven Communions, 120 volunteers, hundreds of sandwiches eaten, hundreds of cups of tea and coffee drank, the communions are over for another year!  There is no denying that the communions are the biggest event for the Junior School and there are weeks of preparation put into this event by the P.A., months of preparation put into it by the school.  But when you see it all come together you know all that work has definitely been worth it.

The Mass ends and within ten minutes the school hall is buzzing it is filled with colour and laughter.  Parents and teachers come to the tea station gasping for a cup of tea as it is probably the first cup they have had all morning.   All relieved and delighted that the ceremonies went off without a hitch.  The Communicants come running in so excited to finally get to chat to their fellow class mates.  All of them are talking at once; the girls are oohing and aahhing over each other’s dresses, veils, bags.  The boys are scanning the hall in the hopes that they spy a soccer ball lying around, when they realise there isn’t one they do the next best thing and make their way over to the kids table for some goodies.  As each class has their own reception many bring extended family with them.  The nanas are admiring everything, taking a few extra aprons for the kids for their dinners later on and having a chat with whoever is next to them.  The grandads are cracking jokes and making us volunteers laugh out loud.  Everyone is enjoying the moment and the ambiance. All are very appreciative of the sandwiches, tea and the chance to catch their breath.

The Communions this year were a great success and I would like to say a huge thank you to my team the P.A. Committee for the weeks of hard work they put into this event.  Also to thank Michele Crossan (a parent in the school) who came into the school each Saturday morning to put together the beautiful flower arrangements that were on the tables in each reception.  Thank you to Ms Gallagher who decorated the candy cart each week.  Also thank you to all 120 volunteers they helped set up the hall, prepare the food, and serve the tea and coffee. They dispensed hundreds of aprons, decorated the tables, manned the treats table and swept up the left over treats and all the other jobs that were needed to make the mornings such a success.  Thank you to the school and the parish for their assistance and contributions.  A massive thank you to all, it was a brilliant team effort!

Well done to the Teachers, SNAs, Ms Murphy O’Shea, Ms Corduff, the choirs and recorder players for making the ceremonies so memorable and enjoyable for all.  We hope all of the children and their families enjoyed their day.